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Farm Table is Australia’s first national knowledge-exchange platform providing a unique yet vital service to Australian farmers/producers. It unifies all ag industry information, expertise, and opportunities into one place, making it an essential lifeline for all Australian agricultural industry members.

Farm Table is a trusted brand, recognised as Australia’s largest integrated agricultural hub. It delivers knowledge platforms, technologies, capabilities, as well as an ever-growing audience and industry database to ensure the groundwork for a customised white-label platform is largely done. In this way Farm Table, as your technical partner, can tailor a platform specific to your organisation that enhances membership, strengthens your audience reach, and delivers services to your members promptly and effectively within a secure system. This package has been purposefully designed to save you time and money whilst improving outcomes to your organisation, and to your members.

How Farm Table can benefit your organisation

A Partnership Package opens up a whole new way of communicating and engaging with your members. It begins with creating your organisation’s own customised knowledge centre on the Platform, allowing your members to access important resources, content, and messages, as set by you.

Farm Table’s modular function enables greater software flexibility and can grow and modify depending on the needs or aspirations of your organisation.

Our infrastructure.

Your content.

Your brand.

Farm Table's Partnership Package provides the tech infrastructure and industry ecosystem as a critical value add to your members. It gives them direct access to relevant information and resources as identified by your organisation. This assists your members in a tangible way, assisting them to improve their practices and advance their production without the need for extraneous financial outlays, effort, and time typically required to improve business outcomes.

A Partnership Package adds substantial value to your industry members throughout their careers, allowing your organisation to support your members in an ongoing way as their enterprise grows.


Resource Hub

House your own branded resource hub featuring your organisation’s documents, PDF’s, templates, how-to guides, online training modules, videos, images, in fact any digital assets and podcasts.


Promote your organisation

Add your organisation’s articles, newsletters, and media releases throughout the Farm Table platform.


Live Stream/ Q & As

Run live Q & As between your organisation, your members as well as the broader community. With any live or pre-recorded video stream, there is always the option for public or restricted access, as determined by your organisation.


Private member area for your organisation

Your dashboard provides a customised experience for your members. It brings together targeted information informed by their interests and locations, as well as any content you determine relevant and useful, ensuYour members’ dashboard provides a customised experience to your individual members, bringing together targeted information informed by their interests and locality, as well as any other content you would like your members to see.ring your members stay connected.


Engage with your members, staff, clients or community

Communicate directly with either your members, your internal staff, or clients via in-app notifications. There is also a member-to-member communication option (an internal messaging system similar to Facebook Messenger).


Run workshops, courses or events using Farm Table’s IT infrastructure

Host your own series of courses, podcasts, events, workshops and videos – all with your branding across the Farm Table Australia-wide network.


Live Stream

Live stream your next webinar, event, or conference with the in-built capacity  for an online audience of up to 10,000 viewers watching simultaneously.


Collective Marketing

Promote your organisation through collective marketing, amplifying your message to an Australia-wide audience. If part of the service your organisation provides is to promote your members - this platform allows you to showcase their products and services.



The Farm Table platform provides in-depth analytical reporting, to assist you with informed organisational decisions.


Extra Features

Farm Table can provide other high quality data that can be accessed quickly and easily on the dashboard including; localised weather forecasting, ag news, commodity market reports, and other real-time data

Thinking of partnering with Australia's largest Agriculture platform?

We've developed the new Farm Table platform from the ground up making it completely modular. This flexibility means you don't need to pay for every bell and whistle, just for what you need so you can leave what you don't.

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Purposefully placing farmers and producers at the heart of the platform ensures that Farm Table’s content holds relevance to all members of the ag industry.  Farm Table links producers into a dynamic, comprehensive resource portal, one that can provide immediate answers, solutions, and capacity building opportunities. All found in one location and updated in real time.


Farm Table has been built as a producer’s ‘online’ assistant used by farmers and producers wishing to maximise their growth.
Farm Table is a trusted industry-wide ecosystem that brings together Australian ag knowledge, opportunities, people, and business. Our all-inclusive methodology is purposefully aimed to drive growth for all members of the Australian ag industry.


Farm Table harnesses the collective know-how of the entire ag industry, providing the perfect ecosystem for two-way collaboration. It expertly augments industry knowledge and information in a simple and effective way, thereby ensuring ag opportunities are directed to where they’re needed most.

Key aspects of Farm Table


The Farm Table AgLibrary is the largest online rural library in Australia, currently housing over 3,200 resources from across the industry and growing every week. Farm Table content is curated to ensure quality information is presented in a way that saves producers time, is easy to understand and practical in its application.

Resources are appropriately tagged and structured, so a Farm Table member is linked with information relevant to their needs


A Farm Table member’s dashboard provides a customised experience for your members, bringing together relevant and targeted information based on the individual user’s interests.

Members can store resources from across the Farm Table platform on their dashboard, including recent activity, events and programs of interest, bookmark content for later reading, direct access to the Farmer Exchange, industry updates and more!


Our objective is to connect industry opportunities directly to farmers, thereby ensuring funding is distributed to where it’s needed most, enabling the delivery of on-the-ground, meaningful opportunities that support farmers, and drive real change.

The Farm Table AgFunding database brings agricultural grants and opportunities together in one place, making the search easier to find funding programs and assistance packages suited to your members’ needs.


The AgCourses database pulls together agricultural courses from across the entire Australian agricultural sector. Courses can be searched by industry, location, or areas of interest.

Relevant industry courses or targeted industry information benefitting members can be shared by you and promoted on the members customised dashboard.

AgTech Hub

Farm Table’s AgTech Hub is a comprehensive; product, technology, and software library, created to make it easier for farmers to find the best agricultural technologies and software on the market to aid future investment decisions.

Agricultural technologies and software continue to saturate the market. It is often a challenge to the individual to know what, how, and when to adopt new technologies in their farm businesses.

Industry knowledge, expertise and evaluation can be of great assistance to members within this context.

What type of organisations typically partner with Farm Table?

Agricultural Member Bodies

State & Local Government departments

Ag Course providers

Regional economic development bodies


Ag Tech companies

Conferences & large Ag Events

Ag Research organisations

Let's discuss a partnership

Farm Table continues to build relationships with businesses, associations, and organisations across the entire Australian agricultural sector, with the aim of sourcing high quality information and relevant events, resources, and opportunities to extend the reach for all its members.